Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Singing and Entertainment

Well, to start off, we have another little singing gal in the house these days. I am pretty sure Darcy is going to love to sing just like her Mommy. For the past week, Darcy has been going around the house singing with absolute joy in her heart. She oftern gets pretty loud and tries to hit some high notes...she is working at it and we just can't stop laughing. She is pure happiness when singing a tune. She usually makes up her own songs about her brother, being happy and last night sang about being cold...she was not wearing any clothes when singing after her bath. :) We are happy just sitting and watching her and last night we did a little duet. ;)

Okay, for the boys. Drew is trouble and I have a feeling he always will be. So, last night our little Drew man was chewing on a paper bag and spitting it out. As I started picking up the pieces and telling him that this was not a good choice. Drew laughed at me and our smart little Ashton says, "Mom, just let him be, he is our entertainment." Yes, that he is! Gotta love my little rascal boys.

Hugs from our house to yours!

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