Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oops, Two Brains!

Well, thank goodness for our dear 5-year old, we now know why Drewby has some behavior issues. Yesterday while Drew was throwing one of his tantrums and I was asking, "what in the world is wrong with this kid?" Ashton said, very matter-of -factly, "Mom, I know what is wrong with Drew, God made a mistake and gave him 2 brains, one is a nice brain and one is a naughty brain...we better take him to the doctor and get the naughty one out." Now, I really do believe that Ashton knows this is not the case, and was just trying to stick up for his little brother. He laughed right after he said it and gave me the sweetest little grin, which made me laugh as well and stop stressing over our very difficult 3 year old.

Wow, I'm going to miss having Ashton around in the Fall when he leaves for Kindergarten. :(

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