Our Family

Our Family

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Nice Chatting With You"

We had a wonderful family weekend camping at Twin Anchors and the kiddos and Daddy did a lot of fishing. All three children got along and played great together all weekend, which is pretty rare at our house. I have concluded that the relaxation and getting away from the hustle and bustle is much needed at our house right now and it was therapeutic for everyone!

One evening while the boys were all fishing, Darcy and I were watching them from a distance and just relaxing in the grass. Darcy looked up at me and said, "Mommy, it is so nice to just sit and chat with you." I told her how much I loved "chatting" with her too, but I really hoped the boys get back soon so they were not riding their bikes back in the dark. Darcy said, "Mom, let's pray to God for him to bring our boys back safely." We prayed and then Darcy talked to me about how God always watches us and hears us. We talked about how God also forgives us and Darcy wanted to know what "forgive means". I explained it to her through scenarios and talking about love. She now understands forgive, but when her brother hit her when we got home and told her sorry, she just to not forgive him. ;) What an amazing feeling it is to have a daughter and I hope she will always enjoy "chatting" with me.

God Bless

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The Ray's said...

I love hearing your stories of the kiddos! I know I will regret saying this someday - but I can't wait until Mo and I can chat! :) Glad to hear you guys had a great weekend camping - we are going on the 4th to celebrate Mo's second birthday! Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face with your posts! Have a great day!