Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eat My Dust!

Ashton has such a mind of his own. He is so different from his siblings and it is hard to find things that he truly enjoys doing, but I think we nailed it. Grandpa and Grandma bought too many Go-Karts and now Grandpa made a track out at the storage units that is the ultimate track for these go-karts and Ashton is in heaven behind the wheel with his foot on the petal! He is such an amazing driver and scares the "poo" out of me, but is so happy being a boy out on the track. To see him smile is worth all the stomach flutters when he flies around a corner. The helmet is coming and I will feel better when it is on his head. When I was riding with him the other day, he flew in front of me and said, "Eat my dust", and that I did. Yuck!

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