Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 3, 2007

Dear God, Could You Please Clone Me?

Sometimes as a Mommy I just don't know if I have one more ounce of energy to give away and today is one of those days. I have spent the day dealing with a constipated 4 year old who can't seem to get anything out and who also spent the entire night in tears(up every hour). Thank goodness my dear hubby was part of this nightmare last night, but I could use some help today.

So, to top off the 4 year old, my lovely daughter decided to pull down her diaper and poop all over herself this morning while my 4 year old continued to cry about his pooping issue while I was giving Darcy a bath. Of course Drew could not just watch all of this happen, so he decided to get into the diaper rash cream and smear it all over himself like lotion(the stuff is not easy to come off). WHY ME? I decided all I could do was pray and so I am praying for a clone, which does not seem to be appearing.

Now, I need to go search through some drawers for a tampon, which I seem to have run out of...I wonder how many pantyliners it will take to control this terrible flow?

God have mercy...PLEASE!

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gina said...

Youre hilarious! I know how these days go. I have them WAY Too often. Hang in there! :)