Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reality Hits

Wow, after a relaxing(as relaxed as you can get with 3 young kids) vacation away, it is back to the grind. I have been hit hard today with lists of things to do and I almost forgot the importance of my job as a Mommy. I did catch myself tell Ashton that he would have to wait to read a book, this is when I stood back and kicked myself in the butt. Lucky for both of us, I came to and we sat down and read a wonderful story together and the twins jumped up on the couch to listen along. Ahhhh, what a relief that I have children to put me in my place and remind me of what is important.

I am so stressed about selling our house that I forget to enjoy all these sweet moments and today that is going to change. I will only work on this house when my kiddos are napping or when I have Daddy home to snuggle them while I clean closets for the umteenth time. :)

Cheers to childhood! :)

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