Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Library Fun.

Wow, I'm on a posting roll these days.

This morning the kiddos and I decided to venture out of our cave and go to the library and we had a great time. There is nothing better than having all 3 of my kids sitting on my lap on the library rug with our noses into a good book. We had a great time laughing at the funny stories and then went to play with the germ infested toys, which was okay since we were the only ones visiting at the time. As we all know, the bliss had to stop soon, it had simply been going on too long. So, Drew decided that he wanted a "cacker" and then some "duce". He wanted a cracker and juice and he wanted them NOW. He had seen me pack them in my purse before we left and he remembered right where they were. Of course, now Darcy and Ashton want some too. I decided we just needed to leave and go home and eat lunch. Leaving the library is never fun. The librarian knows to go ahead and check out the books while I get everyone ready, so she proceeded, but WAY too slowly. We were ready and she was not and the twins were running in opposite directions. Thank goodness Asher is able to help get one while I get the other. I could here Ashton telling Drew that running was not a good choice and we needed to get to the elevator to go home. I was cracking up by now and all I can do to stay sane.

I just smiled and when I looked up at the librarian, she was standing with her eyes wide open with two other ladies and they said, "How do you do it?" I really don't know, but somehow I do and I just thank God we did not have triplets. :)

Life is good.

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Robolady said...

Hollie, you are the winner of my give-away. Please contact me with your address and I'll send you, your goodies.