Our Family

Our Family

Monday, January 7, 2008


I know as a mother we are always thinking that our children are brilliant, so of course all 3 of mine are. I just really needed to post about something that one of my little Einsteins said last night.

I was putting the kiddos to bed and had just put Drew down and he was crying(he hates leaving his Mommy and Daddy at night) and Darcy looked up at me concerned and said,
"What happened Mommy, Brother sad?"
This morning Darcy took a pen apart and came to me with it and said,
"Oopsy, sorry, Mommy."
I just can't believe the sentences this little girl is putting together at 21 months(20 months really) funny how everyone thought my kids would be delayed due to coming so early. ;) Way to go Allen twins!

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