Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Funny Things.

A few funny things our kiddos have been saying.

Darcy comes to me crying and I ask her what happened.

"Ashton, naughty boy."

When Darcy wants something these days, this is how she asks for it...

"Mommy, I AM a cup." Instead of, I want a cup. Too funny!

Drewby was pointing to the mirror the other day saying, "Ga Ga(Grandma) clean. He must have seen my mom cleaning one day while she was watching them and we had a showing. It's so funny what they remember.

Drew brought me a picture of Grandma Pat and said, "Pa Pat."

We have started talking about what the twins want on their Birthday cakes and Drew says that he wants a "Monster" (a monster truck, which I think big brother told him to say) and Darcy says she wants her cake to be, "Princess with sprinkles, yeah!" They are both ready for some cake, and Mommy is not ready for them to be 2!!!

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