Our Family

Our Family

Monday, May 19, 2008

Make a Wish

I find it absolutely beautiful to watch my children play NICELY together and more than anything love to watch Ashton teach Darcy and Drewby new things. I have been watching over several weeks now Ashton teaching Darcy and Drew about making wishes. Making a wish and throwing money in water is such a neat thing to begin with, but it is even more beautiful that my children have been throwing leaves and flowers into a wheelbarrow full of water in our backyard. I hear over and over again, "Make a wish guys...what did you wish for!?" Ashton usually starts to laugh after the twins make a wish and come running to me to tell me that Drewby wished for a McQueen and Darcy a princess. I don't think they really understand what a wish is, but is there really anything better than the relaxing feeling of tossing things into the water and making a wish? I love the beauty of Spring and the beauty of love that I am so blessed to share with my children as I watch them grown everyday. I can't imagine missing out on their wish making.

May all your wishes come true my beautiful children.

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amanda said...

That is so cute! It sounds like your twins are blessed with a wonderful big brother. What a joy.

We wish on dandelion fluff at our house, and my little boy always has the same wish--"I wish my mama and me will bake a chocolate cake." It's a fun wish to grant--yum :)