Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 28, 2008

I Knew It Was Coming

So, the questions are starting, yes, the questions about babies. While we were reading a book, there was a farmer/daddy with a baby in the garden.

A-Mommy, farmers don't have babies, they can't be Daddies.

M-Ashton, anyone can have a baby. Some farmers are Daddies too.

A-Why does everyone just keep having babies.

M-Not everyone keeps having babies, Mommy is not having any more babies.

A-How do people stop having babies, do they just leave them in their tummies?

M-Well, they just decide that they are done and they don't have anymore.(nice Hol, this is really helping him understand)

A- How do they have them?

M- When a Mommy and Daddy love each other they sometimes choose to make a baby.
(I'm thinking now, why the heck did I say this, how will I answer the "make" part of the conversation?)

A-Okay, can you read me another story now?

Mommy is now thanking God for this quick change of conversation.


Mercy, Matzoh, Mac&Cheese said...

haha!!! this is so funny! we haven't really had "THE CONVERSATION" yet here either, but quite a few close calls! :)

Hollie Allen said...

Hey Em,

Let me know when you do and hopefully you can help me out. I even struggle discussing the mating toads in the backyard. We like to say they are giving piggy-back rides. Oh the joys!