Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Squat!

Okay, maybe this seems silly, but I think it is a sign that my little girl is just that, a little girl. The baby days are over...tears. Andrew has been out of town this week and my dear Mom has been spending a lot of time with us, so we loaded the kiddos up to go to the "duck pond" in Ankeny. While running around, Darcy stopped and said, "I am peeing"...I love that she says this instead of "I need to pee", I am now getting used to knowing that she is not actually peeing, but has the urge. Well, what does any good Mommy do? Pulls down her pants and tells her to squat of course! My little Darcy squatted and peed for the very first time this evening...now don't you think that deserves a post on my blog? Me too!

Kisses and hugs to my little girl who now squats at the park!

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