Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cecropia Life Cycle

It has been an amazing experience to witness the life cycle of our Cecropia Caterpillar. We received him from our Summer Reading Program at the library and have watched him eat,poop, eat, poop and eat and poop some more. It has been a lot of work for Mommy...fetching leaves from an apple tree down the street sometimes at 7AM and sometimes at 12AM and my favorite part, cleaning the poop up once or twice each day! UGH! So, thankfully, I was the one who was able to witness him first starting to spin his cocoon and it was so neat to watch...I watched all day and even got up in the middle of the night to see what was happening. I just couldn't stop watching, it was such a miracle to watch. I left him a nightlight on just in case he needed to see while he was spinning....I got very attached and became his Mommy. I am so happy that he made it this far and we just pray that next Spring we will see him emerge. We will now take the cocoon outside and let it get adapted to the weather changes.

Here are some amazing videos of his work.


Beth and Chris said...

Thanks for coming by the blog! Are you friends with my friend Emily who visits my blog? She lives in Iowa and I saw that you did as well.
Thanks for the encouragement with twins! It is an amazing journey and I am just taking it one step at a time! I'm not sure what to expect and so I'm just putting it all into God's hands!
I have seen many women out there now who have carried twins and done just fine with them...so I think I can do it too!

Hollie Allen said...

Yes, Emily and I went to college together and are still friends toay. Being pregnant with twins was difficult, especially with another little one at home. I was put on bed-rest at 30 weeks and had the challenge of finding care for our oldest, who I stayed home with. I also was VERY sick up until about 20 weeks! It is in God's hands and you will be fine. Think positive and listen to your body. If you ever feel like something just isn't right, have it checked out. I was having contractions at 30 weeks and didn't even know it, but just felt strange...thank goodness I listened and they were able to stop them.

God will see you through this and you have so much to look forward to. Twins are amazing and indeed a miracle!

God bless,