Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ER Trip #2

Leave it to Drewby to have another accident. Last night our little man received 5 stitches in his tiny chin...I don't know how you could even fit 5 stitches on that thing! The little man went head firt into a laundry basket and I guess the impact from the basket being on our wood floors, was enough to pop it open. Don't ask why he was playing with a laundry basket...for some reason, it became his favorite toy yesterday, it went from simply holding blocks to becoming a race car, a boat, a snuggly bed, a bulldozer and then a gym. :)

For being a little boy who LOVES to snuggle, he is extremely wild as well. Both times in the ER, he jumped from chair to chair like nothing happened to him, despite his clothing being covered in blood and slashes on his face. He did great during our long wait and even while keeping the "numbing solution" on for 20 minutes before the real fun began. It truly was the hardest thing I have endured so far in my life...they strapped my little baby in a Papoose and he could not move at all. He screamed for us and asked that they stop touching his "neck"...I guess we need to work on labeling body parts. ;) He was and is a trooper and is back to jumping on beds and flying off of the couch. I have been trying to keep him calm today, but it is not working.

Pray that we don't make 3 trips before he is 3!


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

As the father in the room during the stitching procedure, I'll concur about feeling of helplessness you have when trying to console an inconsolable child...the poor guy was just lying there motionless on that board thing (papoose)...motionless, but still screaming with an intensity that should have some with some type of movement. Ugh, it was eerie.

Anyway, Drew is a trooper and was back at it in no time...thanks to my rockstar wife! Great work on this baber!

Come to think of it...that immobilization board could come in handy...have you seen any on eBay?