Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Tonight after Daddy got home from work, I needed to get out of the house BADLY and so did Ashton. Ashton and I decided to spend the evening at the Huxley library and we had so much fun together. I realized how much I missed him and his personality when he is not with his 3-year old brother and sister...such a different little guy. We held hands in the library going from shelf to shelf looking for the perfect robot and cat books, two of his passions. The calm of the library at 6:30 in the evening is almost as relaxing as meditation in my yoga class. We found ourselves sitting on the floor in the the middle of wonderful books, choosing which ones to take home. I am so happy that we decided to spend this time together and hope and pray that we will remember to do it more often. We ended our evening together snuggled in his bed reading the first of the Junie B. Jones series...I think we are going to like them! Fun, fun! We are not so fond of the title of the first book, but Ashton says we can call it, "silly bus" vs. "stupid bus"!

Love you Asher!

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