Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fall and Winter

Oh, it feels good to be back! I have officially left the FB world and come back to where I feel more productive...keeping up with my children and their youth is so much more important than roaming around FB.

It has been a busy, busy Fall and Winter...Ashton started Kindergarten and I am involved in a Co-op Preschool with the twins. I was so blessed to fall into a group of women, many educators like myself, who decided being home with their children was where they needed to be and "retired" from public school teaching. The group of women came together and now we team teach our own children, taking turns with days in the classroom and having time to ourselves on days that we don't teach.

School for all the children is going so well. Ashton really jumped right into Kindergarten without many issues, sure, he loves to be home with Mommy, but only had one major fit about going to school and it was short-lived. He came home today saying, "my teacher said that I am the best in the classroom." He had a sub today and she told him that he was the nicest child and did a great job on all his work today. What could make a Mommy more proud?

As much as I don't like this crummy weather and really, REALLY want Spring, I am so glad that I am home with my kiddos and watching them all grow into amazing little people. I know too well that they grow way too fast and my time with them is soooo short. I still get sad when I think about Ashton already being six! How did that happen.

I am blessed beyond words and love my family beyond words as well.

God Bless

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Andrew said...

You're the best babe...love that you know how just how to care for the kiddos. They are lucky to have such an amazing mom.