Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Instant Yoga Butt

Ashton has a great sense of humor, thank goodness, as he is the child who I lose my patience with the most. I hate to admit it, but I was dancing around the living room singing and shaking my "booty" in a new pair of jeans that are a bit tight in the behiney. I left the tag on, knowing that I would most likely be returning them when Ashton says, "Mom, why are you shaking your booty with tags hanging from your jeans?" I let him know that I was going to return the jeans because they were too tight in the behiney when he laughed and said, "Mom, they are not too tight, you have an instant yoga butt!" There was a commercial a while back for Old Navy yoga pants that advertised they would give you an instant yoga butt and being a 6 year old boy, Ashton thought this was the greatest commercial EVER made!

Thank goodness after 3 kiddos, I still have a yoga butt in the eyes of my little guy. :)

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