Our Family

Our Family

Monday, March 1, 2010


Ever since the twins entered our lives, I knew that Drewby was going to be a handfull. He was not like the other two, he was a screamer with a mind of his own that was overpowering. He knew what he wanted and he wanted it yesterday. He has grown into this ADORABLE, sweet, snuggly little boy, but he continues to have a mind of his own. I am proud of him for not being afraid to be different sometimes and this past week was one of those moments that reminded me of just how much our little guy does indeed have a mind of his own.

I found an adorable craft making bunnies out of socks and so the kiddos and I sat down with all our materials and got to work. Drew was bouncing his partially made bunny all over the table and floor until it turned to a blob and then decided he did not want a cute little bunny, he wanted a rat. Yes, a rat. I proceeded to work on the cute bunnies and Ashton helped Drew turn his sock into a rat instead of a bunny. We now have 3 new additions to the family. Two bunnies, one named Jackie the Jack Rabbit and one named Tinkerbell Cinderella and a rat named Rat-a-Tat-Tat.

I love the differences between our children and have a good laugh each day because of our little boy who is not like the others. :)

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