Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 1, 2010


Life is NUTS! I am super busy with teaching full-time again, being a Mommy, teaching Kindermusik and now yoga....why oh why? I guess I do it all because I LOVE children, It is just going to take a while before I can get into a routine that works for me. Right now, I am overwhelmed, but I am trying to keep a positive attitude, which is difficult.
We really enjoyed Halloween this year, the kiddos were all excited about their costumes and we had Halloween activities that seemed would never end. The witch came to our house on Halloween and took our candy again in exchage for some nice toys, which was very exciting.
Being with Drew and Darcy for their classroom party was a lot of fun, I am so glad I get to be a part of their education. I was also able to attend Ashton's party and surprised him by reading the Humbug Witch to his class. He knew I was coming, but he did not know I was coming as the Humbug Witch. I loved his face when I walked in. Super cute! I read this darling book at our Community Halloween Party as well, which was a hit.
These years are going by so quickly and I need to remind myself to enjoy every moment. The laundry will eventually get done, or we will just buy new clothes and the floors will get cleaned, or we can just replace them. ;) You get the point, I love my family and need to be reminded to breathe myself. Life is such a blessing, even when times are rough.
As we would say in yoga..."Namaste".

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