Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello Santa...

Tonight Darcy was throwing one of her VERY dramatic tantrums and I still don't know exactly why. Sometimes she just thinks she needs to cry...hormones already? She was kicking and crying on the steps probably about something Drewby did to her. After about 10 minutes of this, I said I probably needed to make a call to Santa to report her behavior(I hate that I do this to my kiddos, but it just happens sometimes) and she finally settled down after I talked to Santa on the phone(leaving a message on Gma and Gpa's answering machine. ;) After about an hour had passed and she settled down with a warm bath and cozy jammies and slippers, she asked me for Santa's number. I responded that only moms and dads get to know Santa's phone number. She said, "Well, I am a Mommy to my baby, Eva, and I need to talk to Santa." I told her the number(555-2929) and she repeated the numbers while dialing on her play cellphone. Here is the conversation she had with Santa.

"Hi, Santa? This is Darcy, Eva's Mommy. Yes, Eva has made very good choices today and I think she deserves some gifts. Okay, thank you Santa."

Oh, how I adore that little tantrum throwing girl. :)

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