Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 5, 2007

Something Tastey.

We ran through a drive through on our way home from the Science Center today(I packed a nice healthy lunch, but of course forgot something for myself and I was starving) and Ashton said that he wanted a chocolate milk. The man working at Taco Johns said, "I'm sorry we only have white milk." After asking Asher if white was okay, he said in a very serious tone.
"No, I need something with taste."

After laughing, the nice gentleman said that he would run to the gas station which was attached to the Taco Johns and get Ashton a chocolate milk if we gave him a couple bucks ans so we did. Now that's customer service and the bean burrito was pretty tastey too. :) So, Ashton got his chocolate tastey milk and mommy's blood sugar level got back on track and we were all happy.

God Bless

Oh yes, the Science Center was a blast too! You have got to go see the Grossology area.

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Mercy, Matzoh, Mac&Cheese said...

That is so funny! We were just at the Science Center last week and Eliot still talks about the scary woman at the grossology exhibit! He was terrified and didn't like it at all! All the puke and boogers creeped him out! I thought he'd love it since that's some of his favorite conversation topics at home! :) Who knew?