Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yippeee!! Anyone who reads this blog and is in the area...Kindermusik just recently liceenced a new teacher who is out of this world! Her name is Miss Hollie and I have heard rumors that she is a wonderful teacher and has a way with children that they are sure to have fun!

She is wacky, funny, fun loving and just plain silly when it comes to music and enjoying it with children and their families.

Anyone wanting more information about the summer camps I am offering, give me a call!



Diana said...

Hello fellow blogger! I can't believe I happened upon your blog when I was browsing online last night! What a small world! Good for you for teaching kindermusik...you are a natural with little ones.

It was fun to see your blog, your adorable family, and catch up on your life & business.

Diana Byriel

Hollie Allen said...

Hi Diana...
Wow, that is crazy! I am addicted, yes and love every minute of it. I am so excited to start teaching again...I will start in June and am working hard getting prepared.

How is my little(probably big) Sam?
I will have to go and check you out.

Lovin Life,