Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Since Ashton started preschool, I have been asking him who he plays with, what they like to play, etc. Finally, today, he mentioned a name and then I promptly went to the preschool class list to make sure he got the name right. ;) He did and I was happy to hear that Connor and him like to play tractors together and Connor really loves tractors. Ashton's favorite toy so far is the marble run...luckily I even purchased one at a garage sale this summer as a Christmas gift(go Mommy on the Compact)!

So yes, he is making friends and I feel that is the purpose of preschool. I can't wait until all he does is talk about his friends and what they like to play together.

I can't describe how proud I am as his Mommy and how beautifully he has adjusted to being away from me for the 2.5 hours that he is gone.

I love you my big boy.

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