Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 5, 2008



After preschool this morning and coming home for lunch, we decided to spend some time at the trail. We needed to get milkweed for our caterpillars and love spending time together being explorers.

Ashton, Drew and Darcy were pulling "poopy heads"/dandelions that have gone to seed and making wishes while they blew them out. Here are Ashton's wishes...

1.For Daddy to come home.

2. To spend the night at Grandma's

3. To find a frog at Grandpa's Shop

4. To find a TON of frog's at Grandpa's Shop.

Ashton helped the twins come up with their wishes and with help deciding, Drew wished for new Hot Wheels and Darcy wished to be a princess.

Love my kiddos!
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