Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Napping problem solved! Ever since Drewby decided he could climb in and out of his crib, he climbs into Darcy's crib during naps and it makes for a lot of goofiness. Why do I even try to sweat the small stuff? If he wants to nap in our room, then so be it...he is sleeping right? He has no trouble snoozing in our cozy bed, but the crib is now a cage and he doesn't like it. Do they really have to grow up? I am waiting on our new house to bring out the toddler beds as I don't want Darcy to have to deal with Drew all over her while she is trying to sleep.

Drewby is my reminder to choose my battles, and belive me, it is a constant battle with this child. He looks so peaceful when he is sleeping. HA HA HA!

I better get back to work before I hear the pitter patter of his footsteps coming down the hallway.


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