Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Since I am such an organized Mom, always on top of things, I knew it was "Green Day" at preschool today and I had Ashton's clothes set out last night all ready to go. Today when we left for preschool, he was decked out in green "swooshy pants" and a green shirt, as well as some green frog socks. He looked VERY green.

As we were walking to school, Pete(Maggie's dad and our neighbor) was talking about it being picture day. For some reason, I thought it was next week, but as we approached school, I saw the photographer's vehicle parked. Oh well, it's just preschool pictures, right? Well, I felt a little strange when Miss Wendy ran after me and said, "Did you know it was picture day today?" I felt like a terrible mother. I sent my adorable son to school in ALL green along with a head of hair that really needs to be cut and today was picture day...nice.

I know in my heart that this happened so I will never forget our crazy life when I look back at the green preschool picture.

Ashton has no idea that anything was wrong, so I feel like a pretty good Mom actually. I went with the flow and was not going to stress him out by making him change his clothes just for a silly picture.

Don't sweat the small stuff, or the green stuff.

Happy GREEN DAY to you!

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