Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Yuck

I've never like Halloween...it's creepy and just gives you a tummy ache. Now that we have 3 children, I don't like it even more! I don't like the idea of getting three kids in costumes, especially when two out of the three of them do not want to wear them and I don't like that we walk around taking horrible candy from people and consider it fun. Am I a grump? Yes, and I have a tummy ache.

Darcy changed her mind on her costume 4 times and finally decided she was going to be "nothing". Drew decided he would be a cat because "cats get lots of candy", but refused to wear the head piece, which made the costume. Ashton gladly walked around in his frog costume, but really, we could have had more fun at home than walking around Huxley saying "Trick or Treat".

I am glad it is over and I am ready to begin celebrating two of my favorite Holidays! Put the black and orange decorations away and throw the candy out! I am happy to say we don't have one piece of candy in our house...Ashton decided to give it all to Grandma and Grandpa. Yippeeee!

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Deanna said...

Yes - you are a grump! Halloween is fun, and it's fun scaring kids! I agree with you on the candy thing ... as I think my kids will eat about 1/2 a dozen pieces in the next week and the rest will go in my gut!

But I agree - there are better holidays to get REALLY excited about.