Our Family

Our Family

Friday, February 19, 2010


As a woman who enjoys her days with her children each and every day, it is so important to have good friends, and that, I have. I sent out an email on Thursday night reminding all my dear friends that I would be taking Thing 1 and Thing 2 to the gym to run at 9:30 AM on Friday. I almost cried when I walked in and saw the gym full of my dearest friends and all their little ones. We spent the morning laughing and even crying a little as we discussed things from nutrition to tantrums. I am truly blessed to live in a community where so many smart and talented mothers have chosen the path to be home with our children to enjoy the little things that happen each and every minute.

I could not take on the challenges of mothering without them.

God bless


The Ray's said...


I went to meet Miss Eva today! She is a DOLL! It is so great to see Amber and Nathan happy and enjoying their new addition to the family! I enjoy reading your blog too! Miss you on Facebook but totally understand why you chose to leave. :) Have a great week!


Hollie Allen said...

Amber....I heard you had a great time! She is a little dolly and we love her sooooo much! Yes, I do miss my friends on FB, but feel like such a better person now that I am off! Keep in touch through our blogs! Next time you visit Amber, I will make a point to stop over as well. :)