Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ashton has really started to enjoy his reading. He loves to bring books home from the library that he can read. Yesterday after he got home from school, he wanted to read his library book right away and then decided to teach Drew and Darcy how to read. From all the DIBELS testing at school(which as a teacher, I think are the most pointless tests EVER), Ashton feels that he needs to give the twins DIBELS tests. He takes each twin, one at a time and reads with them from his Starfall series books and then scores them based on the difficulty level of the book and how many words they "read" correctly. He is pretty fair and this morning when he woke up, he got each of them caught up with one another and scored them both at a 14 before he headed out the door to school. I think I might have a future little teacher on my hands and am LOVING every minute of it!

Today after taking the twins to Kindermusik and then Story Time, we came home to work on our letter of the day, which was "I" and then played a few games of Go Fish before our lunch and naps. Watching Drew and Darcy play Go Fish is about the funniest thing ever. They show each other their cards when asking for a certain one and both peek at the others whenever they shift around to "Go Fish"....so adorable.

With our new computer, I am trying to figure out how to upload pics, but will post some soon of them playing their game of Go Fish.

I am so blessed and feel so much better now that I have dropped several Kindermusik classes to spend more time with my kiddos while the time quickly slips away from us. :(

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