Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 26, 2007

Binker Fairy!

So, we are still trying to convince Ashton that it is time to give up the binky. Bribery, binky fairy stories, buck teeth warnings, etc. are not working. For almost 2 days I had him convinced that we kept the binky in the bed, as he still wants it if we are watching a movie downstairs. He was doing so well until yesterday when after a long debate, I told him that I didn't care and was giving up. When Daddy got home and saw the binky, he said, "uh oh Ashton, binkys stay upstairs." Ashton said, "No Daddy, Mommy said she gives up!" Now, my own child knows that I am a quiter. :(

I swear the twins are losing those darn things when they are 2! I am officially Darcy's "binky-putter-inner" at night and I am getting really tired from it. Why did I ever start them on these stupid things, I will never know.

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