Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 19, 2007


Today I got some very warm fuzzies from some wonderful mommies in our wonderful small town community. When I was leaving the library with 3 children trailing behind me, I started to lift a couple up while the 3rd lingered to get safely into the van. A new mommy friend that we often see at storytime, got out of her van and said, "Here, let me give you a hand, mine are all buckled up and I know how it feels to be out-numbered by little ones." Wow, how sweet of her. She kindly held Asher's hand and got him safely to the van for me. I can't wait to see her again next Friday!

It takes a village and I am so glad other mommies are seeing that as well.

On another note...at story time today all three of the kiddos sat nicely for the story and song and Ashton did a great job waiting patiently taking turns during craft time. I was also very proud of him when he went all alone with Miss Kris to find some frog books and then checked them out all by himself while I got the twins bundled up to head home. What a great kid!

He he...another mommy said to me(about Drew), "Wow, he is so well-behaved, what a sweety." I just laughed and asked her if she wanted to follow us home and watch him for a few minutes. Wow, to hear that about Drew makes me laugh so hard! He was a good boy, except when we lost him and found him watching the big kids on the computer. ;) The high school kids were just talking to him while he stood and watched and they said he just kept smiling at them. Funny little guy.

The weekend is almost here and we are looking forward to some fun family activities.

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