Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Binky Success!

I am a very proud Mommy these days...Asher has lost the binky unless it is in his bed. He is doing great, after one very difficult day, he has not even asked for it downstairs. Why do I even care, I guess because I am a Mommy and have to worry about something. I knew deep inside that he was not going to take it to school with him and that it was a phase, a very long one at that, but I just didn't like seeing my almost 4 year old play with his trucks or color a picture with a gross binky in his mouth. We are done and I won't go back.

He has earned his big birthday bash at the hotel and we are ready to party!

Way to go Asher, now lets toss it at bedtime too! :)

I also wanted to write a bit about how happy I am that Halloween is over, well, after tonight and we can begin the fun holidays. I have never liked Halloween much and just get a sick feeling thinking about freakish people walking around begging for candy. My children were in their costumes 3 times this year with several different parties and I am burnt out. I am ready to put my pilgrims from Grandma Scudder on our dining room table and make out "Thankful Tree".

Now, bring on the snow and we can really get cozy.

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