Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coloring Queen and Brotherly Love

So, more blogging about my babes...last night I ran upstairs to take Andrew his cell phone and when I came down, Darcy was looking very proud. " Shoe, color, color, Mommy!" She held my hand to lead me to her beautiful brown, $58 Stride Rite shoes. I looked in amazement when I saw that she had taken a pen and "colored" her shoes. Luckily, most of the coloring was done on the inside of them.
M-"Oh no, Darcy!"
D-"Happen, Mommy?" (What happened?)

If anyone around Darcy suddenly says, oh no, she will run in and ask, "Happen?" I love this so much!

Another cute story, or at least, I think it is...

I am seeing more and more each day how much Drew and Ashton adore one another. Drew has taken on a new love of running after Ashton and taking his blanky away or at least trying, and then he sniffs it..yummy. Well, yesterday, Asher ripped a piece of his blanky off and gave it to Drew so that he could have a piece for himself. Cuteness for sure.

Lovin' Life!

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